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Your benefits

1, may not be referred to the staff in a loud voice.
2, it is also released from the stress of not me coming soon to call.
3, can be order in your favorite timing.
4, the image is easy to understand is clean and menu.
5, cooking is visible appetite frame the image is delicious.
6, the description of the dishes Ariwakari cheap.

Store staff benefits

1, is released from the stress let someone cool his heels customers.
2, serving of 2 round trip and order take is only a one round trip. Effort is reduced by half.
3, private room invisible customers, in such second floor seat us to act like the staff to wait.
4, in the all-you-can-drink, it exerts tremendous power.
5, you can while watching the image a description of the dishes.
6, towel, your cold, because living in a free service even once, such as chopsticks. Waste is eliminated in the flow line.
7, accounting reduced that to wait to register in a group increases accounting treatment to be performed in the table.
8, cooking staff, the busyness of the hall staff obvious.
9, and you can afford the time, can afford heart.
10, and you can afford the time, the time of your voice over increase.
11, additional menu, I can easily staff updating and editing.
12, non-display of limited edition can be done with one touch.

Owner benefits

1, customer unit price up. Increase one article or one drink. (Average customer unit price about 20 percent Nagano 7-month average performance)
2, is made easier staff regulation of busy day and Kanjaku date.
3, lack of manpower, the manpower shortage compensate.
4, staff education becomes easier.
5, it is possible to grasp shops situation from anywhere in Japan (the world) because of the cloud system.
6, can check and selling check sales anytime and anywhere.
7, can be introduced at a very low cost self-order system that had been given up until now.
8, can be early launch staff, in the shortening of bytes education time.

It is ideal for this customer

Recommended store

Tavern, grilled meat, okonomiyaki (teppanyaki), Italian, French, other dining options (Chinese, rotating sushi, restaurants, ramen, karaoke, manga cafe)

Tavern, in the shop where there is order many times, such as grilled meat, it is particularly effective.
Italian, in the unlikely store called the hall staff, such as the French, “Menujp” is active.
In addition, in other eateries “Menujp” It is recommended so can be introduced at low cost.

Such worries

I want to solve the labor shortage

status quo
  • part-time job is not gather easily.
  • people that Kakemochi a part-time job a lot, it takes too much time to learn the job
  • immediately often part-time job that would quit, and because students part-time job would cease to be longer in two, three years
  • part-time job recruitment → it is slow to learn the job, and has fallen into a vicious circle of part-time work is often part-time job → re-recruitment that would immediately quit
  • part-time job recruitment, the cost of education is fairly depend
Menujp introduced by the
  • “Menujp” I will willing to work on a monthly 20,000 yen as Hall staff to hear the order (excluding tax).
  • complaint also without saying, do not be cranky, and does not take even attitude to the discomfort your
  • part-time job recruitment up to now, the reduction of education costs we can expect.

I want to reduce the order mistake

status quo

hear mistake at the time of the order, has occurred order mistakes such as transmission errors to the kitchen.

Menujp introduced by the

“Menujp” In your own is to check the goods on the iPad, order mistake because you order will be less.

We want to reduce the

personnel expenses

status quo

about 35% of the time of the hall staff have been used to order take. (Customers will take some time, especially if you think about the order from calling hall staff) also, hall staff is going to listen to the order, you will need two round trips that bring the order.

Menujp introduced by the

By introducing the “Menujp” and can eliminate 35% of the time according to an order taking. In addition, it will be measured to optimize the number of holes staff made one round trip only to that bring the order.

private room, there is a bad audience of prospects such as second floor

status quo

private room, in the bad seats of prospects such as second floor, the customer is less likely to order, such as a Hall staff is not aware of, we have lost a precious opportunity order. Also, as a countermeasure, it was required further initial investment, such as the introduction of call bell.

Menujp introduced by the

“Menujp” rather than need to call the hall staff because it ordered from the audience of iPad, you can order in your timing. In addition, “our water” from the iPad on the screen, “take dish”, it can introduce cost reduction of call bell because it is the order such as “call the staff.”

I want to reduce the claims about service

status quo
  • Since you are to a minimum the number of hall staff, it is not aware of the call, it is not possible to respond immediately even noticed
  • Since part-time job is would quit before they become full-fledged insufficient education
  • You can not be attentive, often part-time job is not amiable
Menujp introduced by the
  • The introduction of “Menujp” Customers no longer need to call the hall staff, it can be ordered from the iPad in your timing.
  • I can expect service of with a margin by 35% of the order take that accounted for time steps of the hall staff is eliminated.

I am not sure how sales up is achieved if

status quo
  • for the benefit secured, and have been working on, such as to reduce labor costs, it is difficult to other cost-cutting
  • with sales up we want to aim for profits up, but do not know if there is any way
Menujp introduced by the

etc. not get noticed hose staff, eliminating the loss of order opportunities.
Since the customer can be ordered immediately from the iPad, and will contribute to the increase of the order number. (Or will not experience that was too ask carelessly in rotation sushi shop to order the touch panel?) In addition, by cuisine photos to be displayed on the iPad, you arouse your appetite. Eliminates the loss of order opportunities, per customer up by an increase of the order number, sales up can be expected.

who has been considered a self-order system, which gave up because of high

status quo

initial investment estimated amount gave up in 1000000-2500000

Menujp introduced by the

initial introduction costs for the cloud system is zero