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Introduction track record of

Tavern-like Case Studies

Before the introduction

① 20 sheets of your list of goods in the photo shop every day (holiday 30 sheets) create, output and setting
   ② Out of stock at the time is correct, contact
   ③ 1 degrees ask serving the entire order to the audience.
   ④ Especially in all-you-can-drink of the correspondence is devoted effort in a reciprocating movement and correction correspondence.
⑤ confirmation, such as your place of your cold from being called to the customer support. And (e for waiting-twice effort)

After the introduction of sales 20% up! Part-time job two people down! Monthly sales 5 million yen → 6 million yen 1 million yen up! !

(1) The reduction which are output work and an ink charge by “Menujp”
(2) The menu of all tables is hidden by a touch of a hidden button, it’s possible.
(3) When a customer would like to order, you can order from ipad, and the store is checked and cooked on the order-receiving screen, only* setting the table.
(4) It’s operated with effort only by setting the table after confirmation on the order-receiving screen, time fifty percent reduction.
(5) Needs are preliminary by the wild boar which calls a staff, they seem able to check it, it was.
(6) The menu which has not gone out by high-definition dish menu indication from the menu only of the character information, they seem to go out, it was.
(7) It increases in 1 for each hood and drink The visitor unit price ¥3300→¥3900.

Raise the order frequency by which can be without stress order when you want to order Customers who visit the tavern-like oil, can be expected is per customer up.
Also it will deliver power to the high frequency of service, particularly all-you-can-drink service is also in the store like.

Per month regardless of the number of seats per store excluding tax ¥ 20,000-
Menu image is you will be able to register to shoot from the ipad in stores like while cooking.